The Vibrant Music Festival Scene in Ellisville, MS

Ellisville, Mississippi may be a small town, but it is home to a lively and diverse music festival scene. From country to blues to rock, there is something for every music lover to enjoy in this charming southern town.

The History of Music Festivals in Ellisville

The first music festival in Ellisville dates back to the 1970s when the town hosted an annual bluegrass festival. This event drew in crowds from all over the state and even neighboring states, putting Ellisville on the map as a hub for live music. Over the years, the festival scene in Ellisville has evolved and expanded to include a variety of genres. Today, there are several annual music festivals that take place in and around the town, each with its own unique atmosphere and lineup.

The Ellisville Blues Festival

The Ellisville Blues Festival is one of the most popular events in the town.

It takes place every summer and features both local and nationally renowned blues artists. The festival is known for its laid-back vibe and attracts a diverse crowd of all ages. One of the highlights of the Ellisville Blues Festival is the Mississippi Delta Blues Challenge, where up-and-coming blues musicians compete for a chance to perform at the prestigious International Blues Challenge in Memphis, Tennessee.

The Piney Woods Music Festival

The Piney Woods Music Festival is another highly anticipated event in Ellisville. This two-day festival takes place in the fall and showcases a mix of country, rock, and folk music. The festival is held at the beautiful Piney Woods School campus and features both local and national acts. In addition to live music, the Piney Woods Music Festival also offers a variety of food and craft vendors, making it a fun and family-friendly event.

The South Mississippi Gospel Music Festival

For those who enjoy gospel music, the South Mississippi Gospel Music Festival is a must-attend event.

This festival takes place in the spring and features some of the best gospel artists from around the region. The festival also includes workshops and seminars for aspiring gospel musicians. The South Mississippi Gospel Music Festival is not just about the music, but also about spreading a message of faith and unity within the community.

The Diverse Lineup of Music Festivals in Ellisville

One of the things that make the music festival scene in Ellisville so unique is the diverse lineup of genres. From traditional blues to contemporary country, there is something for everyone to enjoy. The festivals also feature a mix of both established and up-and-coming artists, giving attendees the opportunity to discover new music while also enjoying their favorite acts.


Blues music has a rich history in Mississippi, and it is no surprise that it is heavily featured at the music festivals in Ellisville. From traditional Delta blues to modern electric blues, there is no shortage of soulful performances at these festivals. Some notable blues artists who have graced the stages at Ellisville's festivals include Bobby Rush, Vasti Jackson, and Grady Champion.


Country music has a strong following in Ellisville, and it is well represented at the town's music festivals.

From classic country to modern country-rock, there is a little bit of everything for country music fans to enjoy. Artists such as Marty Stuart, Tanya Tucker, and Travis Tritt have all performed at Ellisville's country music festivals, drawing in large crowds of enthusiastic fans.


Rock music may not be the first genre that comes to mind when you think of Mississippi, but it has a dedicated fan base in Ellisville. The town's music festivals feature a mix of classic rock, alternative, and indie rock acts. Some notable rock artists who have performed at Ellisville's festivals include The Allman Brothers Band, The Black Crowes, and The Revivalists.

The Impact of Music Festivals on Ellisville

The music festivals in Ellisville not only provide entertainment for locals and visitors but also have a significant impact on the town's economy. These events bring in thousands of people each year, filling up hotels, restaurants, and shops. In addition, the festivals also provide a platform for local businesses and vendors to showcase their products and services, boosting the local economy even further.

The Community Spirit of Music Festivals

Aside from the economic benefits, the music festivals in Ellisville also foster a sense of community and pride among its residents. These events bring people together from all walks of life to celebrate their love for music and their town. The festivals also provide opportunities for local musicians to showcase their talents and gain exposure, helping to cultivate a thriving music scene in Ellisville.


The music festival scene in Ellisville, MS is a testament to the town's rich musical heritage and vibrant community spirit.

From blues to country to rock, there is something for everyone to enjoy at these annual events. So if you're a music lover looking for a unique festival experience, be sure to add Ellisville to your list of must-visit destinations.